Spleen Theatre

Spleen Theatre ®   Brooklyn, NY  
Brief, as the lightening in the coiled night,
That (in a spleen) unfolds both heaven and earth.
   Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer-Prize winning Anna Christie 
Plays aboard the century-old Lehigh Valley Barge #79 
Docked in historic Red Hook, Brooklyn

Directed by Laura Tesman
Produced by Ken McIntyre
Costumes by Annette Westerby
Set by Kip Marsh
Lighting by Hae Jin Han

September 8,9,15,16,21,23
At The Waterfront Museum in Red Hook.

Gene Gillette as Burke*
Mike Kingsbaker as Larry*
Rahaleh Nassri as Annat.*
John O'Creagh as Chris*
Nathan Gurr as Johnny*
*appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Associatiom
Bairbre Dowling as Marthy*
Stripped to the bone and in search of a fresh start, Anna Christie arrives in New York looking for refuge.  Her last resort is her formerly sea-faring father who abandoned her as a child. Now the Captain of a coal barge, Old Chris Christopherson takes her in.  But just as the fog and sea air begin to cleanse her, and the grime of her past begins to wash away, that Ol’ Devil Sea throws the ship-wrecked Mat Burke on board.   

Can these three find a future together or will the past destroy them all?